Broken Symmetries review - FT

Financial Times review of Broken Symmetries at FACT Liverpool, by Simon Ings (paywall).


"Visitors to Cern risk being inundated by information, and some artists here have saved themselves from drowning by clutching at esoteric straws. Works such as Lea Porsager’s “Cosmic Strike” (a concoction of 3D animated strings and a neutrino horn from the LHC stores) and Haroon Mirza and Jack Jelfs’s “one1one” — a bopping 100bpm disco floor drawing on incant­ation, ritual, and on the relationship between written and spoken word — are not the betrayals of hard science they might at first seem. Physics at this extreme tips into metaphysics very easily: witness the ongoing arguments over whether elegant but untestable string theories count as science at all."

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