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on. sig (acc.), ser

glas n. neu. glass

glos n. neu. pi., see glas

hardfiskur n. m. hardfish/dried fish

(Icelandic specialty) (Okay Davis. Or Davies Dayvees Davey's Day-V's Deighviss Dayvis Deyvys Dievis Dieveys or)

ad keyra v2 to drive

midnaetti n. neu. midnight

ad na v5 (eg nae) to get, fetch

nesti n. neu. bagged lunch, provisions

ofbodslega adv. terribly

okkur pron. dat. pi. we (us) (And see, and see. And fortunately, Camilla! And old sparks sparking. Inexplicably, from dark mud. And chains of the e.g. world onion n. lauk/ur orange n. appelsin/a saying "o rite" orange adj. appelsinugul/ur /and signs of signs of warning plus spring

— ► hund-ar-rar the dogs

— ► skol-ar-ra> the schools

— ► bud-ir -nar the stores

— > stulk-ur-«ar the girls

— ► blom-m the flowers

— > eyr-u-w the ears

minn (my) and your ears: A warbling fills the air, pulsations.skol-i-fm minn my school

hund-ur-Zwf J)inn your dog

blom-f<? [fitt your flower \ pusillanimous sound of mourning, wailing, weeping. Apologies, Gerard, the house is filled today with a great gnashing of teeth. The valentine's fair has been postponed. Go home everybody, go home. Too many]

ad pakka vl to pack

raud adj. neu. pi. red

raudir adj. m. pi. red edges everywhere. Got lost down the blunt end of a telescope. You could've could've done it got it really. Going all out. A mendacious raudvinsflaska n.f. bottle of red wine samloka sleeper agents (in Spain n. f.

sandwich ad setja v3 to put

skal n. f. bowl skeid n.f. spoon

sokkur n. m. socks; a burnt sack of ideas, thought-words, encrusted wreckage, green bubbles. Edge of edge of old haunted house next to emotional turmoil woods. Depictions of scimitars, avarice, hectoring. a._) Her er sofi. Er betta binn? b. Her er tolva. Er betta bin? c. Her er lykill. Er betta binn? h. The blue-tinged, falling down, down, down, I go sometimes to the movies. Eg reyki aldrei sfgarettur.sometimes down into beyond ^Efingar- Exercises 1. Form the definite. outer harbour, inner, diameter. Situation of ruby miners stranded in Kent. Great Huxtable Her er tolva. Er betta bin? an alien village. supupakki n. m. instant soup

svefnpoki n. m. sleeping bag. Forresters, old Formica buckets

tannbursti n. m. toothbrush

ad tjalda vl to camp

tjald n. neu. tent

tjaldstaedi n. neu. camping site. entire geometries falling into, well, disuse

tunfisksdos n. f. can of tuna

um helgina during the weekend

utbua v5 to prepare

utilega n.f. camping trip

ad vanta vl to lack, to need

ad vera haegt to be possible

ad vera med to have (to own)

vettlingur n. m. mitten or the collective doubt of an entire species reduced to a single aei! interj. oh (no)! perfectly spherical, massed citizens lining the cliffs, daring each other to jump. Man! dolphins urging them on from the diamond sparkling. Remember that!









Eg er ad fara nordur. I’m going north.

Eg aetla vestur. I’m going west.

Eg aetla sudur a morgun. I’m going south tomorrow (this usually

implies to Reykjavik).

Sunsets in Crete and Ibiza and Normandy. ad aetla v/ to intend oruggara adv. comp, safer weird bedbugs eviscerating your skin at night ONLY at night, on all sides. Oblate spheroids (other ones), combing your hair backwards, doing yourself a right number.

lykill key

trefill scarf

gaffall fork

jokull glacier

lyklar keys

treflar scarves

gafflar forks

joklar glaciers

All sorts of stuff, member states plus flushing bogs, tree stumps (petrified) protruding from hard grey scatterings of burn marks from old lightnings.hund-ur -inn the dog

skol-i-#m the school

bud-m the store

stulk-a-« the girl

blom-f'd the flower

eyr-a-d the ear, the moon, sun, planets, the entire kit and caboodle, pretty much folded up and away, leaving only swarming bitter chunks: Her eru raudir vettlingar. Here are red mittens.

barna eru |)rju graen epli. Over there are three green apples and the feeling of a job completed, What are your interests? I’m interested in ... sports, music, chess, arts

If you recall when we learned the ********, the ******** was used when we could answer what? after the verb. In the sentence I give him a ********, you can say I give what? and answer a book but not all that well

Eg gleymi per aldrei. I will never forget you.

I>akka per kaerlega fyrir! Thanks a lot!


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